Long Term Disability

Many employers offer long-term disability insurance plans, which cover employees in the event that they become disabled and unable to work. Unfortunately for employees who are disabled, it can be an uphill battle to get their long term disability benefits approved by their insurance company.

If you have been denied long-term disability benefits, RamosLaw offers a free consultation to determine if the firm can assist you in obtaining or reinstating those benefits.

Long Term Disability Legal Services

Social Security Disability

Social Security benefits provide millions of Americans with the financial support they desperately need when a physical, mental illness or injury prevents them from working. Although this program is funded through payroll taxes and should be readily available should you become disabled, the process of applying and getting approved can be complicated and lengthy.

Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer that understands how to navigate through this process can give you the edge you need to win the disability benefits that you deserve.

Social Security Disability Legal Services

Personal Injury

Suffering an injury as a result of an accident can be a devastating time in a person’s life. Ramos Law is equipped to help clients get back on the road after a traumatic event.  Attorney Ramos is prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Legal Services