Free Long Term Disability Case Consultation

At Ramos Law, we are fully committed to helping disabled and/ or injured individuals get the benefits they are rightfully entitled to. We understand that when you suffer a disability or an injury that impairs your ability to carry out your normal activities, it takes a toll on more than just your career. It affects your quality of life and your ability to deal with the stress of talking to an insurance company. To ensure that the impact of your disability is minimized, it is imperative that you get the medical treatment and rehabilitation that you need and leave matters pertaining to your disability insurance policy in the hands of an experienced attorney.

Know your rights

A surprising number of individuals are not aware at all of their rights pursuant to their long term disability policy. Since the insurer’s primary objective is to avoid benefit payouts, disabled persons may not get accurate information from insurance claim personnel.

At Ramos Law, our priority is to ensure that disabled are treated with dignity and respect. This is why we offer free initial consultation to disabled individuals who have questions with their LTD coverage. Our mission is to help individuals like you get the benefits that you are rightfully entitled to.

Empowering you to fight for your rights

We are here to help you and empower you with valuable information regarding long term disability benefits. At our offices, we handle calls from hundreds of affected parties like you, who may not have a clear idea of what to do and how to go about the disability claims process. There is no cost involved in the initial consultation. We assure you that we will give you an objective picture of how strong your claim is and whether you should retain us to act as your lawyers.

For a free consultation with a Connecticut or Massachusetts Long Term Disability Lawyer, you can contact us or call toll free (855) 946-7266.