A Long-term disability (LTD) policy covers you for the partial or complete loss of income in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illness. As the name suggests, this coverage provides benefits to replace a percentage of your lost wages. Anyone considering applying for LTD benefits should request an actual copy of their policy.

You can obtain an LTD policy from your employer by writing a letter to the human resources department. You should specifically ask for a copy of the long term disability plan and the plan summary. Long term disability administrators are required by federal law to provide you with a copy of the plan.

It is common for employers to include an LTD policy in their benefits package for full-time employees. Traditionally, such a policy would be covered in its entirety by the employer. However, today, the trend has shifted toward shared-cost plans that are funded partially by the employer and partially by the employee or a third-party insurer.

Once you obtain a copy of the plan and of the plan summary, spend some time reviewing it and understanding how it applies to your particular situation.  Don’t submit a long term disability application without first reviewing the policy or LTD plan carefully.  It is also advisable to contact a long term disability lawyer who can sit with you and with a copy of the plan and explain to you how its provisions apply to your particular needs.

The actual coverage amount, which typically falls between 50 percent and 70 percent of the monthly compensation, is defined by the policy language. Similarly, the LTD policy will also set forth the terms of its coverage such as: requirement for qualification (most employers require you to hold the job for a certain number of years before the benefits kick-in); the number of years of coverage (some provide up to age 65, some up to retirement age) and; the actual definition of what it means to be considered disabled under the terms of the plan.

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