Get Help Applying For Long Term Disability

Every time a long term disability (LTD) insurance carrier has to pay out a claim, it loses money. It’s no secret that the insurance company and its claim examiners are not exactly impartial when it comes to evaluating long-term disability insurance claims. An experienced disability benefits attorney can be your representative during the entire claims process and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Many claimants fail to hire an attorney to represent them at the initial stage of their disability claim. It’s only after their claim has been rejected, that they call an attorney for representation. Unfortunately, many fatal mistakes are made at the initial stage by self represented claimants. In many instances, it can turn out to be very difficult for a lawyer to correct a mistake that was made early on in the process by a claimant that didn’t have representation.

Filling out an LTD application is not a cakewalk but an obstacle course, you’re likely to get caught in the traps set by your insurance company if you don’t seek legal counsel early on. Some of the common mistakes made when filling an application include:

  • Not filling it completely
  • Inadvertently giving damaging statements to the insurance claims examiner who handles the claim
  • Not being clear about your employment history
  • Not supplementing your application with attachments and exhibits to adequately explain your disability
  • Not providing a persuasive narrative of why you cannot perform your job duties
  • Not providing sufficient medical evidence and expert opinion to support your claim
  • Not getting a written report from your doctor explaining why you cannot fulfill your job duties
  • Not providing a compelling and moving claim that can evoke empathy and increase the chance of your claim being granted the very first time. It is unfortunate that you may sometimes have to go to great lengths to convince your insurance company that you deserve a payment status.

A long term disability attorney points you in the right direction, guiding and overseeing you throughout the entire application filling process.

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