No Upfront Legal Fees

A surprising number of individuals hesitate to talk to a lawyer when they need legal advice regarding their disability claim. This hesitation and the resulting delay can prove to be very costly, as there are time limits imposed by the law regarding the filing of appeals following a denial of an LTD claim. In the majority of cases, the hesitation stems from the fear of having to pay exorbitant lawyer’s fees. Due to these circumstances, RamosLaw has developed a zero upfront legal fees policy. Please call us and ask whether a no upfront legal fees agreement is available to you in your particular long term disability case.

Pay us only when you get your benefits

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of paying us our fee only if and when they win benefits in their long term disability claim. We understand that you may be facing considerable financial strain because your disability has made ongoing medical care necessary. In addition, your disability may prevent you from working and this means that your regular income is significantly restricted too. These two factors might render it impossible for you to pay any more bills, even when you desperately need a lawyer to fight for your monthly benefits.

At Ramos Law, our primary objective is to get justice for you. This is why we are willing to take our payments after our clients get their benefits in hand. We pride ourselves in providing high-end legal assistance, passionate representation and end- to-end guidance throughout the entire LTD claims process at cost effective rates. Under some unique circumstances, it might not be possible to offer a no upfront legal fee agreement. However, RamosLaw might still be able to provide legal representation to you at affordable rates.

Talk to an accomplished long term disability claims attorney today and learn how we can dramatically enhance your chances of winning benefits. We offer free consultation for all LTD cases!