Working with a Social Security disability attorney early in the process can help you get the benefits you need and deserve as quickly as possible. At Ramos Law we help you prepare the initial application process and provide whatever level of guidance is needed to get your claim granted. You don’t have to wait until your claim has been denied once or twice to contact us.

At our office, we are willing to assume legal representation at any step of the disability claims process. We are hired at the initial application, the reconsideration request stage, the hearing level, or the appeal before the Appeals Council. However, since the initial application process is so difficult for claimants and the denial rate is so high at this level, we believe that it is a good idea to get an attorney involved in your case early on.
In order to assist our clients in the initial application process we work with state of the art case management software that allows us to submit all of your documentation to the Social Security Administration electronically. With this software we are also able to handle most of your case without having to spend unnecessary time visiting Social Security Field offices making face to face office appointments.

Despite all of the technology we use, we still take a lot of pride in providing hands on legal representation to our Social Security Disability clients. We are deeply committed to our local communities and their people. While other Social Security law firms have decided to represent clients at the National level, he have decided to remain local, helping clients in a small part of New England, particularly in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, the Pioneer Valley and Worcester County.

At Ramos Law, we know how to use Social Security Disability laws to win benefits for our clients. Not only do we know how to use the law to your advantage, we win more for you because we put our heart into what we do.

Our office represents Social Security claimants throughout both states and has offices in Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA.

For a free consultation with a Connecticut or Massachusetts Social Security Lawyer, you can contact us or call toll free (855) 946-7266.