Monitoring Your LTD Claim To Protect Your Benefits

Legal guidance and assistance may be necessary and important for you even if you have no specific issue with your ongoing long term disability benefits payments. Individuals who are receiving benefits may be entirely unaware that disability insurance companies are constantly on the lookout for reasons to terminate long term disability benefit payments.

From the insurer’s point of view, this is perfectly reasonable since their primary concern is to keep their payment liability at a minimum. This may result in termination of benefits for claimants who are clearly unable to work due to an illness or condition. To ensure that your benefits continue to come in as long as you are entitled under the terms of the policy, you need an accomplished attorney to monitor your claim.

Protecting your Right to Continued Benefits

We understand that your LTD benefits provide you with the financial stability that you need while you are unable to work. A sudden disruption in this benefit can be the source of significant stress for you and your family. At RamosLaw we stand ready to protect your right to receive uninterrupted LTD benefits. We make sure that constant reviews by your insurer, to determine ongoing eligibility for benefits, are handled the right way.

There are many ways in which insurers may try to prove that you are no longer entitled to long term disability benefits. Common methods used by the insurance companies include calling you in for an independent medical examination by one of their doctors or, conducting secret surveillance of your every day life. We can identify whether your insurer is resorting to such tactics. Moreover, we can advise you on the legal avenues that you need to pursue in the event that an insurer attempts to take these types of actions.

Ramos Law is always on-call to address your doubts about your LTD benefits and assist you with the actual paperwork necessary to file a claim, make an administrative appeal or fight for your rights in a federal court.

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