Serving Professionals & Executives

At RamosLaw, we are honored to say that when professionals and executives are afflicted with a chronic illness or condition, they turn to us to fight for their disability benefits. We have created a niche in representing doctors and medical staff, as well as professionals such as corporate executives, bankers, engineers, and teachers.

Why Cases Involving Professionals Deserve an Experienced Disability Lawyer

Cases involving professionals who are seeking disability benefits present unique issues that require experienced legal representation. At RamosLaw, we demand that disability insurance companies consider how symptoms such as lack of concentration, pain, and fatigue affect your ability to perform the unique duties of your profession. Most disability insurance companies erroneously insist on analyzing claims merely from the point of view of whether a claimant is able to perform the physical requirements of a job. This approach is completely unfair and contrary to law. For example, just because a person can sit through the work day, it doesn’t mean that the person can work. This is why at RamosLaw, we prepare cases involving professionals with emphasis on the unique demands of particular occupations. Here are some of specific job demands that disability insurance companies must consider in cases involving professionals and executives:

Stress levels: Professionals must perform under great stress. This aspect is almost always overlooked by insurance companies. It is well established that stress can exacerbate medical conditions and worsen a chronic illness.

Long hours: One of the most difficult aspects of professional occupations is its 24/7 nature. While a claimant might be able to work 9 to 5, he or she might not be able to work a job that requires availability at night or on weekends

Travelling: Many professionals are required to travel as part of their job. This is often overlooked. Travelling can be very taxing on a person suffering from a disabling condition. Moreover, if a person is required to travel, his or her job must really be considered as a light, not sedentary occupation.

Level of concentration and skill: In addition to physical requirements, professional jobs have significant cognitive demands. A disability that affects aspects of a professional’s mind, –such as memory and concentration–, can become important factors in wining a case.

Hands on work might still be required in high earning occupations: Even when a job is performed by highly paid executives, there are many instances when these professionals have to perform hands on work. For example, many well paid engineers are required to walk a manufacturing plant floor and participate in the physical assembly of product prototypes.

If your long term disability claim is currently pending before an insurance company, it is important that you contact, as soon as possible, an attorney experienced in this area of the law. RamosLaw provides free case evaluation at all stages of the long term disability claims process and can file your administrative appeal without upfront legal fees. You must be warned that the process is complicated. Do not go at it alone! Keep in mind that insurance company employees work to protect their employer’s financial interest, not to help you.