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Disability can strike anytime

Healthcare professionals tend to be financially savvy. Most of them pay close attention to their health and life insurance plans; use professionals to manage their financial investments; and, have a solid plan for their retirement. However, few of them have a strategy in place for an unexpected injury or illness.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are in a unique situation when faced with a disabling condition. The physical demands of their occupations are much different than those of other professionals. A wide variety of medical occupations require unique motor skills and very precise attention to details. For this reason, even a relatively minor injury or illness can lead to an inability to perform their every day job duties. Let’s think about the following scenarios:

  • What if a doctor’s eyesight started failing and he or she could no longer perform a surgery?
  • What if a dentist suffered a rotator cuff tear and had difficulty reaching?
  • What if a nurse needed a knee replacement?
  • What if a radiology technician who has to wear a lead apron, suffered from spinal stenosis?

For health care professionals who are dealing with a chronic illness or illness, collecting long-term disability benefits might be the only way to stay financially afloat during their recovery.

Is there a guarantee that your claim for long-term disability will be approved?

Unfortunately, disability insurance companies deny a large number of claims – even those involving severe conditions such as multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, and Parkinson’s. Insurers know all too well that a majority of their policy holders – professionals included – don’t understand the complexities of the disability claims process. These billion dollar companies will spend a great deal of time and money in developing tactics to justify their denials. For example, the use “hired guns” such as doctors and vocational experts to create absurd, baseless reports that purport to justify their position. They engage in aggressive surveillance tactics and retain clever lawyers to invoke exclusionary language in their policies.

How can a long term disability attorney help you?

At RamosLaw, we deal with disability insurance companies every day of the week. We know how to preempt many of the usual obstacles placed by insurers and work arduously to develop a complete and thorough claim. In cases involving health care professionals, we know the importance of focusing on the “vocational” aspects of a case. We develop important evidence regarding the unique physical and mental demands of our client’s occupations, in order to get their claims approved.

LTD legal work differs greatly from other areas of the law. A general law practitioner is probably not the best attorney to deal with these types of cases. You need a lawyer with experience, who devotes a significant part of their practice to this field. No one would ask a primary care physician to perform cataract surgery, or expect a yoga instructor to give golfing lessons, but somehow, many persons believe that the same lawyer who did their real estate closing or their divorce can also handle their disability claim.

At RamosLaw we help health care professionals at all stages of their claim, including the preparation of an initial application for benefits. If disability benefits are denied, the attorney can file an administrative appeal on your behalf requesting the insurer to reverse its denial. If you have appealed the denial of claim and have lost, RamosLaw can litigate your claim in court. We believe that being proactive is an important factor in winning benefits for our clients. Seek experienced legal help early on in the process. Ask for a free initial consultation from our firm by completing the questionnaire in our webpage or by giving us a call.