Wrongful Death

There is no worse ordeal to contend with than the loss of a loved one or family member.

Unfortunately, the pain and grief at such a time can be magnified even further if that loss was incurred through carelessness, negligence, or inattention to proper safety measures, guidelines or procedures.

During a time of healing when your attentions and emotions will understandably be elsewhere, it’s important for your legal representation to handle your case with a balance of diligence and empathy. This is one reason why working with a smaller, more personal law firm, as well as a compassionate lawyer like Connecticut Attorney Iván Ramos, is an advantage.

He can represent you in a variety of cases dealing with serious accidents such as:

  • Car Accidents
  • Fire Burns / Electrocution
  • Accidental Drowning / Pool Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Tractor Trailer / Truck Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Assault Injuries
  • Inadequate or Negligent Security
  • Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect

To Iván Ramos your situation is represented not by a mere case number in an office filing cabinet or computer folder, it’s represented always by an actual person. When fighting for the rights of a client, regardless of the case type, Attorney Ramos never has nor ever will lose sight of that most important of distinctions.

Obviously no amount of financial restitution can replace the loss of a loved one. However, it can help to ease the burden on those left behind. Let Iván Ramos work for the latter on your behalf, and allow yourself to concentrate on spending more time with your loved ones.

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