Are You Facing a CIGNA Long Term Disability Denial?

CIGNA Group Insurance, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, has a history of unfair practices when it comes to paying disability benefits.

Ramos Law Can Help You Fight Denied CIGNA Disability Claims.

CIGNA’s unfair denials led five states, California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, to file an unprecedented multi-state lawsuit against this disability insurance goliath. Insurance commissioners from these five states charged three CIGNA subsidiaries with irregularities in their claims handing practices.

As a result of this lawsuit, CIGNA was forced to set aside $79 million dollars to pay disability claims that it had unjustly denied.

But despite all this pressure, CIGNA continues deny coverage to thousands of hardworking Americans who have become disabled.

What Can be Done? How Can You Fight CIGNA?

There is a solution. Fortunately, there is Ramoslaw, a Connecticut based law firm that can take legal action to protect policyholders nationwide. Because Ramos Law is located in CIGNA’s home state, it can represent individuals from any part of the U.S. or Puerto Rico by bringing legal action in the Connecticut Federal Court, seeking to reinstate or grant a person’s long-term disability benefits.

If your case is still in the initial application part of the process or at the administrative appeal stage, it is important that you contact, as soon as possible, an attorney experienced in this area of the law. RamosLaw provides free case evaluation at all stages of the long term disability claims process and can file your administrative appeal without upfront legal fees. You must be warned that the process is complicated. Do not go at it alone! Keep in mind that CIGNA employees work to protect CIGNA’s financial interest not to help you.

If you have been denied long term disability by Cigna, contact RamosLaw to speak with a lawyer about your rights. RamosLaw provides free consultation and doesn’t charge you legal fees unless CIGNA pays you benefits.